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Recent CCTV “Weekly Quality Report” reported a shocking news, in places where gas stove production in Guangdong, many companies are producing flame failure protection devices did not install the embedded gas stove, or even to install fake flame sensor pin to deceive the public, to consumers laid great security risk. 30 journalists visited found that the “dangerous gas stove” in Fuzhou City court has sold.

“Dangerous gas stoves” Fuzhou are also on sale

Embedded gas stove as a beautiful, upscale home kitchen supplies, and now more and more people of all ages. However, this type of stove body embedded in the desktop, and the leakage of exhaust gas efflux is not easy, automatic flame failure device will become an important security protection. To prevent and eliminate gas leakage caused by the explosion, poisoning, death occurred, state “gas cookstove with” clearly defined standards, embedded gas stove flame failure protection devices must be installed.

30 the correspondent in the city to see a medium-sized building materials markets, many businesses in the sale of gas stove, but the reporter found that over half of the sales here, the embedded gas stove ignition pin only, not flame sensor needle. One vendor said the market with a flame failure protection devices sold more than 700 yuan, but did not take as long as three or four hundred dollars. She also said the flame failure protection devices useful in fact not much, after all, cooking, and make them less likely to absent, so no need to worry about security issues.

Then press has visited several appliance store Dongjiekou. The reporters found that few supermarkets are sold with embedded gas stove ignition and flame sensing needle acupuncture, but the high price of many, from 1,000 yuan to 2,000 dollars. Shopping malls to the source, embedded gas stove flame sensor must bring their needles, which is mandatory under state, otherwise they would not enter the sales of these stores.

Look for when buying “needle”

State “gas cookstove with a” standard defined, embedded gas stove flame failure protection devices must be installed. When the fire was extinguished by a liquid spill or be blown off when the needle with a flame sensor for gas stoves must be able to automatically cut off within 60 seconds alarm sound gas and to prevent gas leakage. Therefore, consumers should pay attention to and qualified embedded burner gas stove in the position should have two needles: needle and the flame ignition sensor needle.

Gas stove still lack standard desktop

Reporter noted, however, in addition to the embedded gas stove, the Fuzhou field there are many desktop gas stove, stove almost every brand has produced one or two gas stoves desktop, these products are only firing pin, and not see flame sensor needle. Sales staff said it was essential desktop gas stove with flame failure protection device is not the state have not made any strict rules. It is understood that, because the desktop from the gas stove prices range from 200 yuan to 400 yuan, less than the mall embedded stove from 700 to 2,000 yuan, so there are still many consumers.

It is understood that the State “domestic gas with the” standard does not require desktop installation of gas stoves flameout protection devices. Therefore the market for desktop gas stoves are not installed automatically turn off most of the protection device, there is a great security risk. Previously, only the Shanghai local standard issued, requiring all to enter the Shanghai market for desktop and embedded gas stove flame failure protection device must be installed.

Some appliance stores

city to concerned parties, embedded gas stove now buy more new houses are decorated members of the public, and some early renovation of the public and the rent, most people still use desktop gas stove. So the industry call, the relevant state departments to strengthen safety checks should also turn off gas stove as soon as possible desktop protection devices mandatory requirement.

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CCTV exposure Guangdong variety of gas stoves is no “safety valve”

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Recent CCTV “Weekly Quality Report” reporter rituals have found a good, Zhongshan, Guangdong Zhongshan Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. Mrs. production of more than ten million units a year embedded gas stove, which does not turn off protection device with up to 8 million about products are sold all over the country.

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